New Modeling Agency Scraps The Straight- And Plus-Size Distinction

Getting represented as a model is hard enough, between having the right "look" for the current collections, the right hair type to maximize versatility, and the energy to work intense hours for weeks on end. And if you're not a size 0-2? In most cases, that's a deal-breaker. Niche "plus-size" divisions in agencies have represented a small-but-powerful group of models including Crystal Renn, Robyn Lawley, and icons like Emme, but one agency thinks that segregating "straight" sizes from "plus" isn't the way to go.
Started by former Ford agents Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka, Jag is "the first agency in New York that's dedicated solely to women of all sizes. The goal is putting girls of all sizes on the covers of magazines, in advertising, and not stopping." Just last month, Ford shut down its plus-size division along with its children and classics (older women) division, and Dakin and Sarka seized the opportunity to create their own representation agency to house the now-displaced plus-size models who represent sizes 10 through 18 (the duo also mentioned that they're not limiting their scope to those sizes — dipping as far down as size 0, as per their mission statement, and larger than 18 as well).
So far, Jag represents 30 women including H&M sensation Jennie Runk, Miss Teen U.S.A. Kamie Crawford, and Mckenzie Raley. While the rest of the industry hasn't yet caught up to such diversity (including designers who make the samples model wear, casting agents who choose which faces represents what brands, and publications who choose which faces make it onto its pages), this is an encouraging first step into a future where style doesn't just seem to get served in a size 0-2 package. (Fashionista)
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

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