Beauty Boss! 1 CEO, 4 Perfect Summer Outfits

Making the transition from finance to fashion means knowing both business and style inside and out. For former hedge-fund executive and Vbeauté founder Julie Macklowe, this multi-disciplinary prowess proved no problem. Not only has Macklowe proved she can rule male-centric, cutthroat Wall Street, but after leaving the money world, she converted her experience into a tightly curated beauty company that is now on the must-try lists of bloggers and bosses alike.
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How would you describe your personal aesthetic? Has it changed over time?
"Modern. Always has been since I remember and could afford to buy anything myself!"

Matthew Williamson top and shorts, Rodarte bag and shoes, JAR earrings, MAUD ring
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What does a workday outfit look like for you?
"Likely a dress in summer or a skirt with a top and a blazer. In winter, leather pants and a shirt with a blazer or sweater. Almost always flats, as I like to walk to work whenever possible."
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What is the most important lesson you learned from working in finance?
"All the time, men high five each other for just about anything and tell everyone how great and successful they are. Women need to do a lot more of this, in my opinion, as perception often becomes reality."
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What is one obstacle you faced in launching Vbeauté and how did you overcome it?
"So many, but one key obstacle early on was the company name which at the time was called, and don't laugh, “Clam Cosmetics,” because I thought the It Kit resembled a clam shape. I was so proud of this name, yet finally my girlfriend Maud (who made my "V" ring) said, “Julie that is just a horrible name.” So, sure enough I tested it and she was correct. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to really listen to feedback and make sure we try and incorporate good feedback into how we run Vbeauté."
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What is one thing readers would be surprised to learn about the business-end of fashion?
"How much goods really cost vs. what we pay for them. It's actually a bit insane. We learned the hard way at Vbeauté that we were paying tons of money to salespeople to try and convince you to buy the product and wrap it at the counter. One day I just got fed up and said, 'Let’s look at the original mission, which was to offer the best Swiss skincare to all women, so let's cut out the person who needs to force you to buy it, and pass through all the savings from staffing into the price of the products. So Vbeauté went overnight from a brand that cost a lot, to being accessible for everyone with the exact same products and packaging. My view is that Bergdorf Goodman gave us the stamp of approval and helped us prove to the market the products are amazing and the best quality, and now we have taken those same products, and through offering them in a self-service channel (Duane Reade/Walgreens' Look boutique), we are able to offer the entire full-size line for $53 and under. Our serums went from $165 and $145 to $45 overnight, so I guess the bottom line is you need to understand what you are paying for. Paying more doesn't always mean it’s better."

Rick Owens top, Balmain skirt, Alaïah shoes, NSR earrings, vintage ring, Seaman Schepps bracelet.
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Tell readers about Vbeauté. What are your favorite products for summer?
"Vbeauté Day Job SPF! It's a 20% micronized zinc SPF. It's all mineral with no chemical sun filters and blends flawlessly. There's nothing like this on the market and it has our anti-age BioCellular peptide. And, as it’s physical and all zinc, it won't clog pores. Always use protection — seriously one should wear an SPF all year round, rain or shine!"
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Who is someone you admire and why?
"My father. He taught me never to give up."
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What are your favorite stores in NYC?
"Blue & Cream, Barneys, Tom Ford, and of course, the Duane Reade LOOK boutique!"
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Any secret beauty tricks you could share with us?
"Simplicity is best. Vbeauté is all about an easy routine — serum, cream (on normal and combination skin; for oily, just serum and eye), and eye cream day and night. You don't need 20 creams. The same serum and cream can be used on the chest, neck and face. As my grandfather said, “KISS” — keep it simple. Also, people see your face every day, so take good care of it. The use of good anti-age products should start in your mid to late 20s. Vbeauté is the perfect line to start an easy routine and to keep your skin young and beautiful without breaking the bank!"
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Is there any trend, fashion or beauty, you would never try?
"Never say never, but I don't think I’d ever wear a meat dress like Lady Gaga."
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What is one myth about working in finance that you can dispel?
"Everything you hear is true — it's just worse."
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What is the most worn article of clothing in your closet?
"A white rag & bone tank top."

Chanel dress, Alaïah shoes, Maud jewelry
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What are you most proud of to date and what do you hope to accomplish in the year to come?
"I am very proud of my family and my daughter Zoe who is starting kindergarten this year! I hope she doesn't get tanked with homework I can't handle."
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What are your favorite restaurants in NYC?
"The Mark Hotel, 15 East 15, and Spigolo."
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We love these moody shades!
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Chanel dress, Alaïa shoes, Hermès bag, Hemmerle earrings, Burberry sunglasses

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