9 Celebrities Who Flat-Out Refuse To Age...& Their Very Surprising Secret

There are a lot of Internet slideshows about celebrities who never seem to age. These are based on the common misconception that these individuals are just lucky human beings with good genes and great skin-care routines. But recent research from the R29 Laboratory for Frivolous (But Hopefully Hilarious) Endeavors has revealed a shocking truth: These "people" are actually robots.
Now, we do not mean that in a bad way or as some kind of insult. It's just the truth. They're also excellent actors, musicians, and individuals with warm hearts, kind smiles, and families. They are great. But the truth is, they're bionic beings with some advanced tricks up their sleeves.
Don't believe us? Not to worry — we're nothing if not thorough, and we've collected all the evidence, after the jump.

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