The Most Bizarre Fashion Connection: Steampunk &...The Met Ball?

We all know that this is the year of punk. Everyone’s favourite fashion subculture is the predominant trend for fall, and that's all good and well, But it seems these days, is a bit more interested in Steampunk. The fashion site reports on the annual Steampunk convention at Whitby, where followers of the cause wear their finest Victorian-meets-Buck Rogers garb. Frankly, they wouldn’t go amiss as extras in an episode of Dr Who (and we mean that as the highest order of compliment).
What is most surprising about the article is the association it makes (in a tongue-in-cheek way) with the Met Ball. Yes, the Met will be celebrating, Punk: Chaos to Couture, in five days time, but we can’t picture crinolines and armour rings gracing the museum’s annual red carpet bash anytime soon. More’s the pity, but let us know if you think we might be off, here. (
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