What? Unused Oyster Cards Ring Up Around £53 Million!

How many Oyster cards do you have in your handbag? One? Two? More? Oh dear, you could be sitting on a fortune. Because we've recently learned that a total of £53 million pounds is lying dormant on unused Oyster cards. Yes, really.
The Transport For London (TFL) has come under fire for keeping this gold mine money, despite the fact that they claim that refunds can be easily made at every single tube station. Really? With reports of customers experiencing frustrations on the TFL website and at tube stations, it seems that there isn’t a straightforward way to get back the money that is rightfully ours.
So far, TFL have gone on record to say that they are updating the software on their site and trialling new software with their ticket offices to handle these requests. This is just as it should be. The Tube is an essential part of everyday life, but our hard earned cash shouldn’t be held to ransom because there is a “glitch in the system.” To that way say: Hmph. (Evening Standard)
Photo: Via TFL

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