The Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Sex In NYC

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If you live in NYC, you probably know a fair amount about sex. Not because you're necessarily cooler or hotter than anyone else (though local attitudes might lead one to infer such things), but because it's everywhere: On giant billboards, oozing out of every club and bar, sometimes even audible through the shared wall of your neighbor's apartment. Not to be gross, but when things are as packed as this, it's hard to escape the facts of life.
Speaking of facts, here are a few you might not know about the ol' bump and grind in this town, courtesy of a very bold and quite insightful poll by Time Out. Since you're probably reading this at your desk, let's start out with the workplace: 50% of people have had sex with a colleague. On a different note, 26% of people have had group sex, most with just one extra playmate, but 16% with an admirable five-plus count. No word on how many people have gotten busy with more than five colleagues at one time.
When it comes to the not-so-fun stuff, there's a pretty clear consensus on what constitutes cheating: A kiss is the breaking point for nearly half of the participants, though 41 people reportedly run a strict regime that doesn't even allow so much as a private fantasy about anyone outside the relationship. And, as you can see by this snippet of the intriguing accompanying infographic, there are a lot of lies flying around these streets. Not surprising, considering 45% of people have cheated on their partners.
Now, don't let all this get you down just before the big day. Click through, check it out, then put it to the back of your mind — and remember, according to Facebook, there's a lot to love about February 14.
Image: Courtesy of Time Out/Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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