Like! Facebook Data Proves Valentine's Day Is The Real Deal

Sure, we tend to identify V-Day as a commercially driven holiday that attempts to get couples to drop moolah on overpriced dinner tabs and spendy gifts. No, we’re not bitter or anything; we just take a realistic approach when it comes to the aforementioned occurrences. But, apparently, V-Day really does stack up in the "like" department and is a lot more eventful than we thought, sparking real-life fireworks left and right. It’s not all just smoke and mirrors (or in this case, candy hearts and whipped cream), guys.
According to Facebook, data shows that Valentine’s Day is actually the highest love-centric time of the year, with 200% more relationships being announced on February 14 than any other day and over 70% of people claiming they actually met on this day. So, don't let that nugget of news about people rapidly switching their status' to "single" depress you. More interesting tidbits straight from FB HQ — it's also the third most popular day to get engaged (coming right after Christmas and New Years). Who knew? Oh, V-Day, we may have underestimated you!
Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 1.35.29 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Necco.

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