This Entire Company Got Totally Naked For April Fools’ Day (NSFW)

Update: Last year San Francisco publisher The Bold Italic unofficially won April Fools' Day with the most over-the-top, NSFW office prank we've ever encountered. According to a former staffer, the planning for this epic photo shoot began months in advance. We're going to go out on a limb and say it was totally worth it...
This story originally ran April 2, 2015.
Yesterday was a confusing day to be on the Internet. For the gullible folks (right here), it was tough to distinguish the real from the fake. So, when we spotted a NSFW article by our pals at The Bold Italic about the company's experiment with working naked for an entire month, we almost spit our coffee out on the screen.
According to the post, staffers decided to take Silicon Valley's open-air office trend to the next level by ditching their clothes, a.k.a. "the last obstruction to the truly perfected working environment." There are photos of them taking meetings, eating snacks, and happily typing away, all while in the buff.
"Honestly, the shoot itself was so much fun that if everyone could get over the weirdness in real life, I actually think it could be a really awesome idea," Jessica Saia, The Bold Italic staffer behind the story, tells us. "The whole office was pretty pleasantly surprised at how many people thought it was real."
"I also love that the number one concern in the comments was that no one had butt towels," she adds. "And, I wasn't lying when I said it took under an hour for it to seem normal. It was probably more like 10 minutes."
Click through to see pics of what might very well be the best April Fools’ joke, EVER.