You'll Never Guess Who's Actually Watching Girls (Hint: It's Not Girls)

Despite the fact that the HBO hit Girls is made by a twenty-something girl, is about twenty-something girls, and, you know, is named Girls, it seems like the bulk of people watching the half-hour comedy aren't girls. In fact, they're men over the age of 50 who comprise 22% of the pot, which makes us feel very, very weird feelings.
Nielsen reports that no other demographic (twenty-something girls, included) come close that that majority. In fact, of all the people who religiously watch the show week in and week out, 56% are male. However, after looking at the data more closely, NYMag's Vulture found that girls (the people) tend to watch Girls more on their own time… with 63% of those who watch it on demand being ladies. However, they're still older — the media age of the Girls viewer is 43.
Check out the rest of the study that sheds some additional light on the diversity of the viewers (super diverse!), places they come from (not NYC!), and why ladies seem to like True Blood over Girls. (Vulture)

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