8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jul 11 2016

1. In-The-Know: The first Zika-related death in the U.S. was confirmed in Utah. The patient had traveled to an area with a Zika outbreak.

Authorities said that the unidentified patient had traveled to an area with a Zika outbreak and had presented symptoms of the virus, including rash, fever, and conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pinkeye). (Read More)

2. Here At Home: More than a dozen women have come forward to accuse Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

The women contacted Gretchen Carlson’s New Jersey-based attorney, Nancy Erika Smith, and made detailed allegations of sexual harassment by Ailes dating all the way back to the 1960s. New York Magzine published interviews with six of the women accusing Ailes of harassment over the decades. (Read More)

3. Major News: Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson and hundreds of other protesters were arrested in Baton Rouge, LA, and St. Paul, MN.

Across the U.S., protesters took to the streets again on Saturday night in reaction to the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. But in addition to rallies in the cities where the incidents occurred, the Associated Press is reporting numerous arrests at other protests around the country. (Read More)
Photo: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images.

4. Talking Points: The number of HPV-related cancer cases is on the rise in America, according to a new CDC report.

The report, which looked at data from between 2008 and 2012, found that an average of almost 39,000 HPV-associated cancer cases were diagnosed each year, will a full 41% of them in men. That number is a significant increase from the previous period. (Read More)

5. Game Changer: Democrats endorsed a"pathway" to legalization of marijuana and want the drug downgraded in the Controlled Substances Act.

Currently, marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 substance, which is the most-restrictive class. This means weed is listed alongside other drugs such as heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Cocaine and methamphetamines are currently listed one level lower than marijuana. (Read More)

6. ICYMI: Serena Williams won her seventh Wimbledon title and tied with tennis great Steffi Graf for second on the Open-era list.

Williams is now tied with tennis great Steffi Graf for second on the Open-era list, behind Martina Navratilova’s nine, reports The New York Times. The overall record for Grand Slam titles is held by Margaret Court, who earned 24 such titles between 1960 and 1973. (Read More)

7. Take A Bow: The original cast of Hamilton performed together for the final time — and Lin-Manuel Miranda chopped his Hamilton ponytail.

Miranda wasted no time saying farewell to his Hamilton ponytail. He tweeted a photo of his shorn locks before heading to the goodbye party. He debuted the new haircut, what some have dubbed the "Hamilcut," on the red carpet for the party. (Read More)

8. Listen Up: This week on our podcast, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, we discuss why so many people see fashion as frivolous.

Fashion, we're told, isn't a serious hobby or interest. And that's not just coming from the patriarchy; feminists, too, often see fashion as a tool to keep women distracted, in debt, and in pain. But you know instinctively that that's not the case. (Read More)

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