We Look Back At Music Legend Prince's Biggest Moments, Plus More Stories

1. When Doves Cry: Music icon Prince passed away at the age of 57.

The music world suffered a huge loss yesterday when Prince passed away at 57. Few artists achieve what he did, releasing new music at a breakneck pace for much of his career (including five number one hits) and influencing generations of future musicians. (Read More)

2. Here At Home: Maine's governor vetoed a bill that increases access to lifesaving overdose drugs.

The bill, L.D. 1547, would have allowed pharmacists to dispense naloxone hydrochloride, an anti-overdose drug commonly known as Narcan, without a doctor’s prescription. The bill would have allowed individuals at risk of experiencing an overdose or their family or friends to purchase the drug and have it on hand in case of an emergency. (Read More)

3. On The Trail: Donald Trump said that transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom they want.

Trump said transgender people should use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable with — including at Trump Tower. He was responding to a question about a bill that North Carolina’s governor signed into law last month that bars individuals in the state from using public bathrooms that don’t correspond to their biological sex. (New York Times)

4. Try Again: MAC's been accused of cultural appropriation for its new collection, Tribe Vibe.

MAC recently announced its new makeup collection and people on the internet were quick to call out the brand for, as one Reddit user put it, "[Grossly] playing into the 'tribal' stereotype." The line's packaging includes what look like Navajo-inspired prints and the name itself is clearly a nod to Native American culture. (Read More)

5. Cha-Ching: The FBI paid over $1 million to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist involved in the San Bernardino attacks.

The FBI paid more than $1 million to an unidentified third party to help agents unlock the iPhone of a terrorist involved in last year’s San Bernardino attacks, the bureau’s director, James B. Comey, said Thursday. (Los Angeles Times)

6. Get It Girl: Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympic games.

At 22, Dipa Karmakar is one of five women in the world to have landed the extremely difficult and dangerous Produnova vault. (Or, if you want to be really metal about it, you can refer to it as the "vault of death.") And the BBC reports in a moving video that as of this week, Karmakar is the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympic Games. (Read More)

7. In-The-Know: Victoria's Secret may be cutting its swimsuit line.

A swimwear go-to for many might be about to disappear. Victoria's Secret may soon be cutting its beach and pool-apropos offerings entirely, according to CNBC, which is reporting that certain categories are about to get nixed. The news was reportedly announced during VS parent company L Brands' March sales figures release. (Read More)

8. Tech Talk: A new patent could make Apple's earbuds way less annoying.

The new technology will feature both a wired and wireless connection between earbuds and devices. This double connection will help reduce audio dropout if one method stops working. According to the patent, it would work with in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. (Read More)

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