5 Things To Know This AM — May 01 2012

It's no secret that the moratorium on exploiting recently-deceased, over-exposed celebrities is shorter than most moratoria, but at least someone enters this field with intentions beyond just cashing in. Art makes everything better right!? On view at the Matthew Marks Gallery in Chelsea are photographs by Thomas Demand, including a restaged image of the TMZ shot of Whitney Houston's last supper at the Beverly Hills hotel. (Animal)
This is the best you can do, Jay Z? The rapper designed the new Brooklyn Nets Logo, and New Yorkers are less than dazzled by its...normalcy. Come on Hova, you're supposed to be a culture-changing phenom! (Gothamist)
D.C.-based Spanish chef José Andrés' resumé is stacked: not only did he beat Mr. Bobby Flay at "Kitchen Stadium," he's credited with singlehandedly making tapas a thing. (Mouths/wallets say muchas gracias!) So we're psyched that Andrés has promised to set down more restaurant roots in Manhattan. We'll wait the 2 years, Andrés, but we won't like it. (Grubstreet)
That reverberating sound you're hearing is probably the rumbles of a collective "yuss!" happening around Manhattan. Stats published yesterday say 58% of youngins prefer our fair city to our Westerly rival, LA, making what we thought was a totally arbitrary, totally unsubstantiated rivalry, a little less arbitrary and a little more substantial. (Vanity Fair)
The fragrance industry's number one cache is brand-names, i.e. just a spritz of White Diamonds, and you're suddenly Liz Taylor. With their "Fragrance Flight Bar," Sephora's setting up shop so customers can find their scents without being impressed by the name on the box. Think: Pepsi challenge, only smellier. (NYRacked)
Photo: Via Animal

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