The Ultimate Pizza Guy: Man Eats Every Slice In Manhattan

28-year-old Brooklynite Colin Hagendorf is a waiter at a diner and seems like a regular New Yorker. Well, after eating a slice of cheese pizza at all 362 local pizza joints in Manhattan, we think he's earned NY-superhero status. Plainly put, Hagendorf says, "I grew up in New York. I eat pizza. That’s what I do." Clearly. Ever resourceful, he also (what do ya know?!) blogs about it. And, though his efforts have perked the interests (and we're sure, taste buds) of many readers, fans, and tourists, he's turned down money-making opportunities, like shows and books, in favor of simply enjoying flavor, bother free. Wanna know if your slice is right? Check out the Slice Harvester for some advice from New York's ultimate pizza guy. (NY Daily News)
Photo: Via NY Daily News

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