The Verdict's In: You Won't Be Partying Til Dawn At The Beatrice

When Graydon Carter (EIC of Vanity Fair ) took charge of the Beatrice Inn’s reincarnation we figured that the previous primacy enjoyed by the shuttered nightclub was to be a distant memory. Indeed, our suspicions have been confirmed (cue sad-face emoticon). According to's man-about-town, Darrell Hartman, the downtown cool kids have definitely dispersed. Gone are the gritty, backroom antics and unironic drug use (shared by New York’s never-ending night-lifers and celebs, celebs, celebs), scrubbed clean and replaced by a beautifully designed, smoking-free steakhouse, with our favorite bartender Matt nowhere in sight. Though, yes, there are still lots of celebs (it's GC, after all).
The space hasn’t made its official public debut, but its beta period has been resolutely star-studded: an Anna Wintour-hosted birthday bash (cough, for Roger Federer), a yoga session for Russell Simmons, a Cavalli dinner, a Cinema Society after-party... yep, the city's heavy-hitters have cast their vote of approval, but not all visitors have pleasant reports. Nope, between deep-seated nostalgia, and unfortunately-prepared cocktails, there are serious doubts about the Bea’s new lease on life.
Our thinking? With heavy hearts, we're going to let what's passed be past (nothing good ever comes of bringing the dead back to life — just watch Practical Magic) and look forward to the future: It's a post-#Sandy New York, and we're more open than ever to new beginnings! (Plus, Carter never intended the revamped Beatrice to be discotheque), We've hit the B a couple times in the past months, and we have no complaints — it's everything you're looking for in a buzzy restaurant. Do we miss dancing on the banquettes on Sunday nights ('80s music) until right before dawn? Obviously. We're still waiting for the successor (can someone hurry up and figure it out). Tonight, though, meet us here. (
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