It's Raining Men! 10 Snaps Of Swoon-Worthy L.A. Dudes

[UPDATE: This post was originally published on July 25.]
Do you ever pass a sexy guy on the street and totally shy out? Your cheeks flush cherry red, your heart quickens, and all you can do to hide your body's betrayal is go nose to the ground? Don't worry, we've all been there (some of us have even hit Craigslist's Missed Connections page afterward — don't judge!).
But, so you can get a proper gander at the strapping L.A. gents lurking everywhere from Silver Lake to Santa Monica, we've freeze-framed 10 gorgeous local fellas for a Tiger Beat-style fix. And if you happen to spot one out and about in real life, we strongly recommend you go say hi. We promise they don't bite!
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Name: Eric Coly
Age: 38
Profession: Clothing designer of Le Dessein
What He's Wearing: Le Dessein Shirt, G-Star Pants, All Saints Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Ben Medansky
Age: 24
Profession: Ceramicist
What He's Wearing: Cheap Monday Shorts, Red Wing Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Brian Mcmenamin
Age: 36
Profession: Film Industry
What He's Wearing: Rogue Territory Jeans, Timberland Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Jonevin Sabado
Age: 25
Profession: Law Student
What He's Wearing: Urban Outfitters Tank, J.Crew Pants, Adidas Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Donnie Mortimer
Age: 33
Profession: Carpenter
What He's Wearing: "I felt like wearing all white today, but the peacock feathers came from my neighbor's yard (they keep them as pets)."

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Ernie Tran
Age: 30
Profession: Digital Producer
What He's Wearing: H&M Shirt, Lova Pants, Hugo Boss Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Josh Spencer
Profession: Photographer
What He's Wearing: Nudie Jeans T-Shirt, Vanishing Elephant Pants, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Vans Sneakers, Bealine Ring

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Michael C. Dumler
Age: 30
Profession: Photographer
What He's Wearing: Levi's Jeans, Converse Sneakers, Vintage T-Shirt, Persol Sunglasses, Bailey Works Bag

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Matt Sala
Age: 28
Profession: Barista
What He's Wearing: Raw Denim Jeans, Fluevog Shoes, H&M Shirt and Vest

Photographed by Lani Trock
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Name: Sam Trainer
Age: 22
Profession: Sales Clerk at Civilianaire
What He's Wearing: Civilianaire Japanese Denim Jeans, Alden Shoes

Photographed by Lani Trock

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