4 Outfits To Ensure You Never Miss A Connection Again

So there I was, grabbing my morning tea, and out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy staring at me. We both leave and find each other again on the train platform. We lock eyes and break away, but never say a word.

This has happened three times and we've yet to exchange numbers.

Missed connections are like the shooting stars of dating in a big city — they happen fast, ever so rarely, and could possibly determine our fates. Too bad today's digital world has made it so no one has the chutzpah to make the first move. But, you've got to start somewhere. With the aim of helping you say something without actually saying anything, we put together four looks that speak volumes. Each outfit contains standout elements (sequins, a unisex sneaker, sharp hues) with strong conversation-starting potential. While we can't guarantee tangible results in the form of digits and dates, we think a first impression wearing one of these looks can only help.

The Sunday Brunch Special
Brunch is your religion and the highlight of your week. To communicate the importance of this event to any onlookers — without sacrificing the comfort a Sunday morning demands — throw on a minimal slip dress in a bright color. Tie the look together with classic sportswear elements like a backpack or sneakers, and let your accessories do the talking.
A Night Out On The Town
Clubs and bars aren't the most ideal places to engage in memorable conversation, so save this look for a birthday at your favorite rooftop hangout. A crisp sleeveless tee tucked into a pair of loose-fitted fancy pants will show off your knowledge of silhouettes, which might just catch the eye of your friend's friend who brought her single friend that she's dying to have you meet.
A Day At The Museum
With an outfit like this, the possibility of the guy next to you whispering about Van Gogh into your ear is higher (and less creepy) than you think. A shirtdress in a multicolored metallic fabric is not only fun to wear, but fun to look at, too. Double up on the accessories for touches of color and you're on your way to becoming a piece of art yourself.
For When You Just Can't Even
Timing is everything, and there are going to be moments when you just don't want to bother. A boiler suit is easy to throw on and takes care of any morning wardrobe crises in one fell swoop. All you have to do is add some personality. A mesh baseball cap is demure yet relatable, and an adjustable gold collar dresses up the otherwise relaxed vibes. A flash of florals at the bottom shows you'll leave them guessing.

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