Sous Vide: The Easiest, Healthiest, Weirdest Way To Cook

The Sous Vide Supreme is the cool kid's kitchen appliance. It's shiny and mysterious and somehow takes a regular piece of fish and turns it into this-is-the-best-salmon-I-have-ever-had fish. A technique beloved by high-end chefs the world over, sous vide cooking is a process wherein food (meat, fish, vegetables, even eggs) is perfectly prepared inside a specialized, vacuum-sealed pouch that's placed in a targeted temperature water bath. That, of course, sounds really complicated and annoying, right?
Wrong-o! Turns out, it's about ten times quicker and easier than the traditional pan-on-stove method. We tested the Sous Vide Supreme and were pleasantly surprised to find that making a lovely piece of lemon herb salmon required, oh, twenty-five seconds of hands-on time, followed by ten additional seconds of clean-up. The best part is that no added oil is needed and none of the natural juices (and those omegas we're always talking about) are lost. Cooking at this low temperature ensures you the most tender, flavorful, nutritious food you can make at home — even if it sounds like a science project.


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