The Secret Purchases That NO ONE Admits

What a person does with their hard-earned cash is always a source of fascination. One friend might spend loads on clothes, while another forks over money for a high-end meal. Assuming everyone pays their bills, it's the extra expenditures that reveal a lot about who a person really is.

So, Whisper pulled together a few of the juiciest, more relatable, and just plain fascinating secret spending habits on the app, where anonymous people post confessions over nondescript images. Some are fairly innocuous. "I secretly buy nail polish behind my husband's back, because he thinks it's a waste of money [he knows nothing]," one user writes. Others are pretty big purchases: "My husband is away for three months. I've secretly bought a dog. Oops." Plenty revolve around sex toys, food, and games.

Below, we've rounded up 17 of the juiciest spending secrets. If you're feeling brave, keep the conversation going in the comments.
I buy delicious and expensive pastries but hide them from my family at home
so I can enjoy them for myself.
When I buy candy, I hide it from everyone and eat it secretly.
I secretly buy video games for myself and say they are for my kids.
I secretly buy my Instagram followers to build my self-esteem
I secretly buy lottery tickets with any extra cash I have to one day pay
off my entire family
I secretly buy things for mothers when I see them struggling. I
My boyfriend self published a book on kindle and I secretly buy copies
every now and then to bolster his sales. It might be a lie but it gives him
so much confidence.
I secretly buy tons of erotic ebooks behind my husband
I secretly bought a strap-on. It
I secretly buy lingerie and wear it when I
I buy packs of batteries just for my vibrator and hide them in my underwear
Secretly bought a set of Ben-wa balls. Trying to use it everyday until I go
to see my bf next weekend. Mixed feelings
I secretly buy all these inappropriate clothes my little town would never
approve of me walking the streets in
I secretly buy glow in the dark body ink for when i have sex or parties
I secretly bought ovulation and pregnancy tests on Amazon. If I become
pregnant I
I buy things and hide them or put them away quickly so my SO doesn
My husband is away for 3 months. I

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