Pro Surfers Share Their Beach-Beauty Secrets

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We've sought out beauty tips from touring musicians, flight attendants, and fitness pros. But as we continue to hit the beach all season long, we've realized: Who better to look to for summer hair, makeup, and skin-care advice than the die-hard surfers who spend their lives in saltwater and sand searching for that perfect wave?

In the spirit of summer, we tracked down surfer girls — from Australia to Hawaii to a tiny fishing village in northern Nicaragua — to find out how they battle the elements on the regular and still manage to look glowing and fresh.

Ahead, read beach-beauty secrets from some of the world’s finest wave riders.
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Monyca Eleogram
When the pro surfer and model isn't traveling the world with the Roxy surf team (or snapping gorgeous Instagram photos), she’s at home in Hana, Hawaii, with her husband (who also happens to be a pro surfer), working on their organic fruit farm. Basically, she's living the dream.

What first attracted you to surfing?
"I was six years old. I loved seeing my sister and all her friends in the water together, laughing and sharing waves. I was also in awe of the tricks I watched Ola [her high school sweetheart-turned-husband] doing."

How has surfing affected your beauty routine?
"I started seeing damage done to my hair at a very young age from all of the sun I was getting, so I started trying to leave it down while surfing to prevent breakage. Then, in the evenings after washing it, I added extra moisture. I was always good about sunscreen, especially on my face. But as I got a little older, I put more focus on wearing a hat and moisturizing regularly."
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Photo: Courtesy of Roxy.
What is your day-to-day beauty regimen?
"When I wake up, I splash my face with warm water to wipe away any excess oil from the night’s moisturizer. Then, I spray on a little rosewater. Living in Hawaii’s humid climate, I can't really moisturize in the morning because it won't soak in. If I really feel like I need it, I will use a serum. Before I leave the house, I put on Vertra sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 25."

Tell us about surfing as a workout.

"Catching waves and getting back out to the lineup is a lot of work. It takes endurance and balance. Your abs are basically flexed the whole time to stay over your board. Then, riding the wave works your legs. So every little element of surfing gets you fit in a different way."

Do you have any beauty secrets?
"After swimming or surfing, I like to let my hair air-dry, and then throw it into a tight bun and leave it tied up for a few hours. When I let it down, the dryness of the sun and salt mixture creates really nice, salty beach waves."

Any cool summer surf plans?
"I have a few cool trips with Roxy to Ireland, Indonesia, and the Maldives. While at home, I'm going to spend time with family and friends, and have a few BBQs."
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Photo: Via @surfwithamigas.
Holly Obermeyer
The former pro surfer and California native lives with her husband and 10-month-old daughter in a remote fishing village in northern Nicaragua, where she runs Surf with Amigas, a surfing and yoga retreat for women across Central America.

When did you start surfing?
"I didn't start surfing until a bit later, at 14, because my very old-fashioned mother told me, 'Surfing is for boys. You should be sitting on the beach looking cute in a bikini, not out competing with them.' I fought my mom every time I wanted to go surfing the first few years, but eventually, I got a driver’s license and she gave up!"

How would you describe your beauty regimen?
"Very simple and natural. A fit, healthy, beachy lifestyle keeps one naturally beautiful — or so I tell myself! There's a glow that comes from having spent a few hours per day playing in the ocean."
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Photo: Via @surfwithamigas.
How do you protect your skin?
"Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. The best, [most natural product] I've found is Shade Sunscreen. It feels good going on (not sticky), has a light tint, is mineral-based, and works great even in the strong sun of Central America!"

What's your post-surfing beauty routine?
"My hair gets robbed by the sun and salt, so [I use] Paul Mitchell Conditioner to try to put moisture back into my hair. Then, Lubriderm face-and-body lotion. Throw my hair in a bun, and I'm good to go!"

What's great about surfing as a workout?
"Everything! Running out to surf over soft beach sand is great for the legs. Paddling is awesome for arms, shoulders, and back. Popping up to your feet works your core. And if you get a long ride, it can be a leg-burner."

What do you love most about surfing?
"The freedom. I'm a morning person and love to get up and get caffeinated pre-sunrise, and then be the first on the beach at dawn. Paddling out into the ocean as the sun rises and feeling like the only person on the planet is such a free feeling."
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Photo: Courtesy of Roxy.
Stephanie Gilmore
Gilmore started surfing with her dad and sisters in Australia when she was 12. Since then, she has taken home six world-champion titles on the ASP Women’s World Tour and traveled around the globe for team Roxy.

How does being a surfer affect your beauty routine?
"The elements surfers are exposed to affect our skin’s natural program. Being in the ocean so frequently and traveling to warm destinations has made me well-aware [that I need to] keep a gentle, natural skin routine. A beautician once explained that ocean water acts as a natural exfoliant, so I need to use gentle, natural, and creamy cleansers."

Do you have any beauty rituals you swear by?
"The same beautician introduced me to the honey facial — now my favorite. You start by exfoliating gently with a brown-sugar-and-olive-oil mix, wash it off, and then apply honey across dry skin. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse. I do this at least once a week, no matter where I am. Honey has enzymes that help aid sunburns as well."

Do you do anything special before you hit the waves?
"It's all about sunscreen. I have tried many, and I’ve recently found Shade — it's the best. It forms a layer across your skin to the point that the water beads on top. At first I thought that looked strange, but now I understand it means the product isn’t seeping into my skin and it’s still on my face. I also love to tint my eyelashes, so they stay dark in the water. I do this once every two months."
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Photo: Courtesy of Roxy.
After a surfing session, what's your typical morning like?
"I love to cook. I usually surf first thing and return to my kitchen to make coffee, smoothies, and some kind of eggs and toast. I truly believe a lot of your physical beauty is controlled by what you feed your body. I’ve been taking a bio-fermented, probiotic beauty elixir (by The Beauty Chef in Bondi, Australia) that is very high in antioxidants, good enzymes, and probiotics."

What do you love about surfing as a workout?
"Paddling gives you slim but strong, broad shoulders and back muscles. It also forces you to have great posture, because when you’re lying in the paddle position you’re curving your spine and muscles in the opposite direction… And because surfing is a lifestyle, and, as some say, 'a creative outlet,' you don’t get exhausted from it. It stimulates you, so you’re not counting the minutes 'til the session is over."

What are the top three beauty products you can’t live without?
"It's A 10 leave-in conditioner. Mascara (currently using Givenchy). I love having a fresh scent at all times of the day; Bobbi Brown Beach, Aesop Marrakech Intense, and pure orange-blossom oil are awesome summer scents."
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Photo: Via @lauraenever.
Laura Enever
Enever — a pro surfer from Australia, as well as a self-described “horrible singer” and “cloud enthusiast” — tours with the World Surf League, the highest level of professional competitive surfers. She won the 2015 Hurley Australian Open this past February.

How has being in the water all the time affected your beauty routine?
"Spending most of my life in the ocean and sun has taught me so much about caring for my skin and hair. I'm constantly moisturizing, conditioning, hydrating, and protecting my skin however I can. I won't leave the house without my favorite products!"

What are they?
"I always carry around BB cream, sunscreen zinc foundation, lip treatment, face wipes, and leave-in conditioner. [I can’t live without] Shiseido BB Cream, Shiseido sunscreen powder zinc foundation, and Pantene Leave-In Conditioner."
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Photo: Via @lauraenever.
What’s your typical daily beauty regimen?
"When I wake up I moisturize and use BB cream, and then before surfing I apply a 30+ zinc foundation. After a long day, I always cleanse and exfoliate to take off my sunscreen or makeup. I then use vitamin oil or night cream before bed."

What do you love about surfing?
"Surfing is such a great way to stay active, fit, and healthy. Sometimes I don't even realize how much of a workout it actually is, but it always makes me feel great. Nothing beats the sense of freedom riding waves, or just being in the water, brings me. It's my favorite place in the world, and it makes me so happy!"
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