The Search Is Over: These Are Your Go-To Beauty Looks

What did we do before the internet? Want to chat with your friend in Dubai or order Ethiopian food at 2 a.m.? The web’s got your back. Need to comparison shop microwaves and finally figure out the name of that song you've been humming all day? You know where to turn. Likewise, when it comes to finding the newest, buzziest, most must-have makeup looks around, it's our phones/tablets/laptops that serve as an inspiration gold mine. (Okay, we’re a little biased, but it’s still true.)

And since we’re always on tap for your trending makeup needs, we partnered with Maybelline and makeup artist Allie Smith to create beauty tutorials based on what you're actually searching for right now. Cool, right? So quit liking, tagging, and pinning for one hot second — these are the beauty trends you want and exactly how to get them IRL.
Light Touches
Trending Search: Natural Makeup

No-makeup makeup, nontouring — this summer, it’s all about maintaining that glowy look that makes it seem you’ve never missed a minute’s sleep (much less walked home from a bar crawl at 5 a.m.). To achieve the look, start by applying a light layer of foundation, then fill in your brows with a pencil or pomade. Next, add a little brown eyeliner along each waterline to give your eyes subtle definition. Pull it all together with a swipe of mascara and a subtly tinted balm to emphasize your natural lip color.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Rather than highlight just your browbones and cheekbones, tap luminizer over your Cupid’s bow, chin, and the inner corners of your eyes, too. This extra touch of sheen lends a subtle, “Yes, my skin’s just this good” vibe. Remember, the key to natural makeup is blending, says Smith. If the lighting in your bathroom is less than stellar (whose isn’t?), relocate to a bright window to double-check that you’re making highlights, not racing stripes. One word of caution: Tread lightly over any areas with zits or discoloration; the highlighter will emphasize any textural differences in your skin.

Bold Nudes

Trending Search: Longer Lashes

There’s looking great naked, and then there’s looking great in nudes. Anybody can look smokin' naked, but pulling off this edgy look takes more than confidence — it takes attitude. Start by applying a matte-finish foundation, then use brow pomade to fill in and brush up your brows. Keep your lashes the star of your look by choosing understated shades of eyeshadow. Sweep a nude or taupe shade all over each lid. As for those showstopping lashes? Using Maybelline New York Colossal Spider Effect Mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes right into the roots. Then, brush through the length quickly, repeating the process and layering until you get a voluminous, graphic lash effect. (Note: This isn't an "is she or isn't she?" mascara look. For long, defined lashes, go ahead and apply multiple coats of mascara.) Finish with a swipe of your favorite nude lipstick.

If you’re having trouble perfecting the look without making a mess, try this makeup-artist trick: Work backwards. “With an eye-statement look like this, I prefer doing the eye [makeup] first,” advises Smith. So if you're prone to mascara smudges on your lids, apply that first. You can then clean up whatever mess is left behind when you go in with foundation and concealer.

Shine Time
Trending Search: Lip Plumper

Overdrawn lips can look amazing on Instagram. But IRL, they’re impossible to maintain if you plan on eating, drinking, or, you know, using your mouth in any way. “Don’t overdraw your lipline unless you’ll be able to touch it up throughout the day,” Smith recommends. Don't freak: You can get that same plumped effect in an easier — and more wearable — way. First, fill in your lips with a bright matte lipstick or liner shade that catches the eye, not the light. Then, dab on a slick of gloss to the very center of your lips (and just the center). Similar to highlighter, the gloss’ sheen will emphasize that part of your lips, making them look pouty and full.

Want to turn up the volume even more? Rather than overdrawing the lipline, one of Smith’s favorite tricks is to use a taupe pencil. (She favors an eye or brow pencil, since lip pencils often stand out too much.) Shade around the outer corners of the mouth and the very center of the bottom lip, adding more oomph. “It’s sort of a simplified way of over lining without having to overdraw your whole lip.” She also suggests avoiding your top lip completely, where too much definition can have the opposite effect, making the lips look thin.

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