History Nerds Unite! The Ancients Predicted This New Jewelry Collection

Like the good history nerds we are, we were romping around the Met the other day and noticed how ancient jewelers were pretty accurate fashion forecasters, nailing most of fall '11's key trends dead on. Always a season ahead, those Sumerians. Maybe that's what we love about Brooklyn-based jewelry line Odette's new Athene/Minerva collection. The organic and concentric patterns of these handmade pendant earrings, bracelets, and rings may be right up-to-the-moment, but they're also impossibly ancient. The rib-cage ring and sun dial earrings, for instance, could come right off last September's runways as easily as they could have been unearthed by some archeology grad student. Even the very fashion-forward two-loop Demeter ring has that whole pagan priestess vibe going on for it. Given how well Odette tapped in to the best of what's survived the centuries, we're guessing these minimalist (but romantic) baubles have a decent shot of staying in fashion for at least a couple millennia.
Photo: Courtesy of Odette

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