5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 10 2011

Artists put together a 24-hour art show for Occupy Wall Street in the old J.P. Morgan headquarters. Installations included projections of money onto building but, unfortunately, no actual money. (City Room)
We love this badass art by one of New York's most prominent activists, Mary Beth Edelson, though the drawing of Pieta sans, erm, privates, might make some cringe. (Dossier Journal)
While we're amused by these theories about why Anna Wintour told the New York Times to "ask someone else," about Kanye West's clothing line, we wish the writer didn't joke that West is going to become the next editor of Vogue. Seriously, don't give him ideas. (Guardian)
The birthplace of hip-hop is facing foreclosure. Looks like it's less money mo' problems, eh? (Animal New York)
While we're not sure this is the ultimate nerd guide to NYC (where's Way Station, the bar with a TARDIS in it?), but it's a good place to start. (Gothamist)

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