5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 09 2012

We're all about the chic typography on this street art, but we're not sure how drivers and cyclists here would take the message. (Design Sponge)
Sure, You've probably heard of Pratt and that artsy things happen there. Now, take a peep inside and find out what makes this such a coveted school. (Design Milk)
It looks like New Yorkers in 1960 thought it would be a great idea to put a dome over Manhattan in order to control the city's heating and cooling, but it probably would have just trapped us in the most polluted greenhouse ever. (Gothamist)
While it's not surprising that Broadway is responsible for a high number of pedestrian deaths, we are surprised that two of Long Island's highways rank so higly…mostly because we had no idea so many people apparently cross them on foot. (Animal New York)
Restaurants are angry about the health department's letter rating system, saying it's inconsistent, unfair, and arbitrary. (City Room)
Photo: Via Design Sponge

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