Scientific Proof: New Yorkers Are Less Overweight Than Most Of The U.S.

It's no secret that in NYC looking fit is a bit of a priority (What? How else are NY'ers supposed to avoid the judging up-and-down stares). But now we've got mathematical proof that the on-the-go state is actually less obese than almost every other state in the United States. It's The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that's backing us up here. They say that 24.5% of New Yorkers are obese, only slightly more than regions like D.C, Utah, New Jersey, Cali (ugh), Massachusetts, and Hawaii. But it's Colorado that's the biggest loser, with obesity rates at just 20.7%. Mississippi, meanwhile, tops the list with a whopping 34.9% of residents classified as obese. And, sure, the statistics may have been calculated based on self-reported figures, but we still stand by our city.... New Yorkers would never lie about their weight, right? (NY Mag)
Photo: Designed by Ammiel Mendoza

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