The Best Sports Bars In NYC (According To 1/2 Of NAHM)

In the epic battle between East Coast vs. West Coast, Tupac vs. Biggie, New York vs. L.A., the rivalry continues (if not thrives!) with the NBA finals in the coming weeks (even though NY got booted). True, basketball may have unofficially replaced the national pastime (a.k.a. baseball), at least when it comes to vegging out at the edge of your seat, rooting on your favorite team. But who wants to celebrate (or mope) alone? We caught up with New York-based designer Nary Manivong of NAHM (his partner is Ally Hilfiger) to fill us in on the next best thing to court-side seats (sorry Knicks! Better luck next year!). Let's face it, if we left choosing the sports bar to our guys, we'd be chilling in a trashy, LES bro-fest that only serves Pabst and questionable "beer snacks." So, trust, Nary Manivong's picks are grown-up, upscale alternatives to that. You might even impress the boys and still have somewhere to set your bag down without it getting soaked in beer.
Put on your best game face, invite some ladies to keep you company, and check out the classy sports bars on Nary's list.
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The Ainsworth

"This is more of your upscale sports bar. It has a very high-end, luxe interior similar to an upscale lounge - high ceilings, chandeliers, dark wood, etc.  I also go to The Ainsworth for my favorite, their short rib grilled cheese. There are tons of flat screens, which is a plus when you want to watch as many games especially during March Madness or the NBA games. If there is a big game, it's better to make reservations ahead of time for a table."

The Ainsworth, 122 West 26th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues); 212-741-0645.

Photo: Via The Ainsworth
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"Of course the only reason I go to Time Square is to hang out at Tonic."

Tonic Bar, 727 7th Avenue (between 48th and 49th streets); 212-382-1059.

Photo: Via Tonic
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4th Down

"Giant Jenga, pool table, skeeball, foosball, photo booth, beer pong, air hockey, arcade, darts, big screens, and, of course the friendly bartenders! It's one of the best Ohio State Buckeyes football bars around, and located in Williamsburg. I live in the area so when I don't feel like heading into the city, this is the place to be. After the game I usually will crave some arepas from Caracas... or a burger at Dumont Burger, that is around the corner."

4th Down, 170 North 4th Street (between Bedford and Driggs); Brooklyn; 917-744-6522.

Photo: Via 4th Down
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Amity Hall

"The beer is the main event here.  They have a wide variety that you can choose from.  I usually come to watch soccer."

Amity Hall, 80 West 3rd Street (between Thompson and Sullivan streets); 212-677-2290.

Photo: Via Amity Hall  

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