The 8 People You Meet At Music Fests

We all know them. In fact, we've even been a part of them. But, when traversing the important landscape of summer festivals, it is crucial to have a guide — nay, a travelogue — to the commonly spotted creatures at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra, Bonnaroo, and more. Catching these folks in the wild isn't just a lucky sighting, it is now a summer tradition. Speaking of tradition, let us present you with the R29 Illustrated Handbook to the eight unmistakable personality types you'll see at this year's musical fests. Checklist and binoculars are not included.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Overprepared CamelBaks:

It isn't often that the cautious CamelBaks are spied in the wild and away from their native bike paths, but do not fear — they offer no danger. Cleverly hydrated, sunscreen-lathered, and replete with their toe-shoes, they are hunkering down during opening acts and are here 'til the very last headliner. Always prepared, immaculately attired, they are the mountain climbers of the festival circuit.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Dancing Dad:

Daaaaad. We know you are having a really great time in your relaxed jeans and your comfy "weekend" shoes. But, just stop using words like "selfie." It is making us all uncomfortable.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Mud People Massive:

Key element to the Mud People is that they travel in packs. We have no idea where they came from or how they got this way, but let's be honest: We don't want them to hug us. Was it even raining? When did it rain? We don't remember any rain. How did they find enough mud to become Brendan Fraser at the beginning of Encino Man?
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Summer Goths:

You know what this is? This is dedication. We appreciate knowing what your aesthetic is and sticking to it, despite the 100+ degree heat. Layers on layers, they certainly don't look comfortable — or even happy to be here. But, they do make the landscape look great.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Couple Who May Be Glued Together:

Can't see? Need to get by? Don't mind the human conglomerate of makeout sauce that is clearly in your way. Doesn't matter that your favorite band of all history is playing. These two just need to give you front-row access to their tongue tango. That's what you've shelled out all this cash for, right?
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Impossible Shoe Trio:

Often spotted as a threesome, this grouping includes a high heel, the furry boot, and a Jeffrey Campbell Lita. It is possible to swap out one with a lace-up combat or some sort of absurd platform. A possible reasoning for their triumvirate: They form a tripod, keeping themselves from toppling over.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Eternally Spinning Flower Child(ren):

"Spinning, spinning, twirly, feeling the music, dancey-dancey, arms out! Arms out! Wiiiiings! Wiiiiiiings!"

(Honestly, we love them. Just not when they are communing with the earth goddess directly in our line of vision.)
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
The Street-Style Bait:

Guys, like, there is only one reason these "print-masters" or "masters of the high-low mix" even deign to hang out with the regular concert-going folk. It's because, like, without Alexa Chung or Kate Bosworth here, who will hold down the street-style scene?

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