"I Want To Buy Mirrored Sunglasses, But What Color Actually Goes With Everything?"

Elaine writes: I’d like to step up my sunglasses game in the accessories department. Since I generally wear a lot of muted tones, I'd like to spice things up with my sunglasses. I want to buy mirrored sunglasses since they look so cool, but it's impossible to choose between all those colors. Is there a magical one-color-fits-all that exists?

Easy. Stick to jewel tones on the cool end of the color spectrum. Think sapphires, fuchsias, and indigos — even an emerald hue will go with everything from pastels to saturated brights (and, obviously, neutrals). They also will make your teeth look whiter. And if that’s not enough, they’ll just look really good on Instagram.

These two from Westward Leaning are exactly what I'm saving my pennies for. They combine elements from everything I love about sunglasses: a classic black frame (which is basically the nude of eyewear), a shape that reminds me of an era I wish I’d lived in, and those sick mirrored lenses that lets you hide behind them while standing out.

Take the plunge and try these on with everything you own. I hope this helps. See you next Saturday.

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