7 Makeup Brushes You Never Knew You Needed

Makeup brushes can be both the bane, and the joy, of a beauty lover’s existence. There are so many sparkly, mesmerizing, and Harry Potter-inspired options to choose from, yet there lies the problem. Most of us have an arsenal of brushes — either scattered across a vanity or neatly tucked away in decorative jars — but only a few actually get used.

It's no wonder you've been collecting them. Peek in any professional makeup artist's kit and you'll soon realize it takes a lot of tools to create the looks many of us strive to copy — including some clever brushes you may have discounted in the past. But decoding a killer tool kit doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive, or mysterious. In fact, there are likely some useful brushes right under your nose that just may change your makeup routine for the better. (Remember that 32-piece kit you bought last year? It's time to use it!)

Ahead, a look at the makeup brushes you’ve most likely been ignoring, but should highly consider putting to work.

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