7 New Lingerie Rules To Live By

When it comes to breaking style rules, we're old pros. White before Labor Day? Done. Sequins during the day? Yes, please. Dresses over pants? Easy. But, when it comes to what we wear under our clothes, we've got to admit, we tend to stick to what we know. It's hard to discard our grandmothers' warnings about sagging boobs (ostensibly what happens when you ditch your molded cups) or even modesty (three decades after "Like a Virgin," we still feel a little defiant when our bra shows). But, there's no reason why our intimates can't warrant the same experimentation and fearlessness we exhibit when putting together an outfit. In fact, breaking underwear rules can be just as fun — and look just as awesome — as wearing cutouts at the office (hey, where there's a will, there's a way).

With some of the latest daring intimates from cult favorites like Only Hearts and Lane Bryant's Cacique collection, we asked stylist and lingerie savant Jen Steele to deliver out-of-the-box, rule-busting ideas for wearing — and showing off — bras, panties, and even shapewear. Ahead, find seven ways to rethink your lingerie, including bringing back the slip (now there's one rule your grandma would approve).
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Double Up On Bras For A Cool Layering Trick
We've seen dresses over pants, shirts over shirts, but doubling up on bras? That's a new one. "It sounds weird, but it looks really pretty under a low-cut sweater or an unbuttoned blazer," says Steele. "And, it's a great way to show off color and interesting textures." To get the look, stick to a similar color palette and layer a skimpier, sheer bralette over a bra with a thick, long-line band at the bottom. "That helps keep everything in place," says Steele.
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Wear A Bodysuit IRL
You don't have to have a ballerina body to rock a leotard. The key to wearing a bodysuit is finding one that is long enough, otherwise it won't have the right amount of stretch and prove too tight. "They can be super flattering, and they're really having a moment in fashion right now," says Steele. "I love this because of the heart on the butt area — it's like the perfect little secret, or surprise." The best part is that you can wear this look outside of the bedroom: layered under a high-waisted pant or skirt style, it functions as a body-conscious top.
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Swap Your Thong For Seamless Briefs
Thongs. As much as we rely on them when wearing a clingy dress, they can dig into our skin, cause wedgies, or even create weird lumps and bumps. But, there's an easier — and more comfy — solution to our visible-panty-line woes: seamless briefs. "You don't see them under your clothes, you can wear them with anything, and they're sexy and fun," says Steele. (Especially in a high-waisted style with transparent panels and a matching bra.) Consider us sold.
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Bring Back The Slip
Contrary to popular belief, slips are neither passé nor solely worn by grandmas. While lacy iterations have emerged as a clothing trend, they're actually very functional — perfect as an additional layer underneath unlined or sheer frocks and for smoothing out the lines of static-inducing or clingy dresses. A more fitted one can hold you in and contour your shape, too. "Slips are beautiful and can make the rest of a look a little prettier," says Steele. "They aren't something most twentysomethings think about, but they should be a staple."
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Wear A Sports Bra As A Crop Top
Sports bras aren't just for the gym. "If they're comfy and not super tight, they have a chill vibe, and when paired with a high-waisted mesh skirt like this, it looks super confident," says Steele. High-waisted pants or an overalls-style jumpsuit also work. Opt for bras with ribbing, thicker straps, and a softer fabric "that's more malleable and falls into shape." This graphic, adjustable bra also snaps in the back, which makes it feel and fit more like lingerie.
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Own Your Shapewear — It Can Be Sexy
So, you wear shapewear. There's no reason to be shy about it. Indeed, if you get the right size and fit, those spandex-y suction bottoms can be downright sexy. "It's all about owning your shape," says Steele. "Wear a black, full-body, figure-hugging shapewear piece and a really simple, classic bra with a molded cup, and you'll be like, Ah! My shapewear looks better than my dress." Plus, it'll give you the confidence and attitude to make your clothes sing even more.
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Show Off Your Bra Under A Sheer Top
"I love wearing a transparent top with a black bra," enthuses Steele. Choose a fairly minimal bra, like this black leather triangle style. "You don't need any cage-like things or tricky designs — you're already making a statement by wearing a see-through shirt," says Steele. She also advises going for a blousy cut (nothing too tight) and opting for a high-waisted bottom. "You don't want to show off your bra and your belly button," says Steele. "It's all about balance."

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