How To Look Compelling At The Office (Not Crazy)

The only thing wrong with being known as the fashion person at your office is if that's your only claim to fame — but when it's among titles like Most Industrious, Always the Voice of Reason, and Most Likely to Get the Boss' Job Someday, then you're doing just fine. Showing your coworkers up with your clothes is a great way to stand out on the job, not to mention make being there a whole lot more fun. But, standing out because you're the only one whose bra is visible from the VP's vantage point is never a good look, even if it is Araks.
Lucky for you, plenty of this spring's trends are office-appropriate: They're professional and modest — but don't mistake that for boring. Ahead, check out eight style moves that work (or, werk) for work.
Special thanks to The Brooklyn Art Library.

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