19 Celebs You Only Think You Hate

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There are some celebrities whose actions are more than deserving of ire. Many others, however, find themselves the subject of public scorn, scrutiny, and irrational hatred for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Think about it: What did Anne Hathaway ever do to deserve all the Hathahate? She is a perfectly lovely and talented person. Yes, we're here to convince you of that. 

Whether it's pure schadenfreude or completely fabricated reasoning, we urge you to reconsider any malcontent you have toward the following celebrities. You're entitled to your own opinion, of course, and maybe you've even had a personal experience with one of them that backed up any preconceived dislike.

Don't hate these famous people simply because of what tabloids would have you believe or things other people say about them, though. All we're asking is that you reconsider your grudge. That's not too much to ask, is it?
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Anne Hathaway

Google search results for "Why do people hate Anne Hathaway": 1.52 million

Maybe it didn't go that well when she hosted the Oscars with James Franco, and yes, she's sincere and earnest about trying. When did that become a bad thing? If you hung out with Anne Hathaway, she'd probably buy everyone pizza, and you'd have the time of your life singing showtunes all night. Sign us up for all of the above.
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Lana Del Rey

Google search results for "Why do people hate Lana Del Rey": 918,000

Early Lizzy Grant fans felt slighted when the songstress changed her look and name to find fame. And, Lana Del Rey's first SNL performance was a little awkward, and she'll live on in Internet infamy as a meme because of it. But, she just wants to make music on her own terms, and she admits she's still figuring it out. That's pretty relatable, no?
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Dax Shepard

Google results for "Why do people hate Dax Shepard": 149,000

The Dax Shepard hatred probably stems from his role on Punk'd, that bastion of trucker hats and celebrity shaming and discomfort. After listening to him talk about his life on several podcasts, however, I realized that he's a well-meaning guy with a need for speed who just wants to be a good husband, father, and actor. I highly recommend listening to his appearance on The Nerdist podcast, where he also talks about getting sober and being dyslexic. Plus, he was on Parenthood! If Jason Katims — the man who gifted the world with Friday Night Lights — likes him, I like him. (Also, Kristen Bell! I'd trust her opinion any day.)
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January Jones

Google search results for "Why do people hate January Jones": 37.5 million

Jones has been the subject of such articles as "Please Leave January Jones to Be a Bitch in Peace" (Jezebel), which was written about her May 2013 New York Times profile. Said profile begins with the sentence "It isn't easy to coax a smile out of January Jones." Other reasons people seem to have for disliking Jones include her Mad Men character and the fact that she won't reveal the identity of her son's father. A quick reminder that it's no one's business but her own.

January Jones really started to come alive for me, though, when she joined Instagram. Her feed is warm and inviting. She posts hilariously self-depracating #tbt photos. Sure, Instagram is also a tool that can be used for careful image manipulation, but January Jones is curating a surprisingly fun and friendly version of herself that I want to know better.
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Google results for "Why do people hate Ciara": 1.1 million

Is it because she's basically Beyoncé-level flawless and has ridiculous dancing skills? 'Cause that deserves a praise hands emoji in our book.
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Kristen Stewart

Google results for "Why do people hate Kristen Stewart": 1.56 million

Okay, so she always looks kind of miserable, but it's only because Twilight rocketed her into that echelon of celebrities who the paparazzi follow like shadows. She did have that brief cheating scandal, but we all make mistakes in our 20s, and who really knows what was going on in her relationship at that point in time, anyway?
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Cuba Gooding Jr.

Google results for "Why do people hate Cuba Gooding Jr.": 291,000

He won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire, then he kind of disappeared. He made some questionable choices when it came to accepting roles (Boat Trip, anyone?), but why all the Cuba Gooding Jr. hate?
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Keira Knightley

Google search results for "Why do people hate Keira Knightley:" 966,000

"What is it about Keira Knightley that gets people all riled up?" London Evening Standard's film critic asked in a recent article. I really don't get it. Knightley speaks out against the media's false portrayal of female bodies. She talks about how miserable the paparazzi can be and says how we all feel about being grownups. If anything, we should be inviting Keira Knightley to that pizza party with Anne Hathaway.
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Eva Mendes

Google results for "Why do people hate Eva Mendes": 4.12 million

I didn't actually realize that there was Eva Mendes backlash happening until I read the comments sections on interviews she's given since having a baby with Ryan Gosling. People accuse Mendes of only talking about motherhood because she "needed another paycheck," and they found it hypocritical that she was talking about Esmeralda after she and Gosling had been so secretive about the pregnancy. Maybe they just wanted privacy because they know how thirsty the Internet is about all things RyGos. Just let Eva Mendes do her thing, everyone.
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Rita Ora

Google results for "Why do people hate Rita Ora": 5.66 million

Rihanna is supposedly pissed at Ora for stealing her style. Rob Kardashian insulted her on Twitter (but haven't we all said something mean about an ex before?). That shouldn't really affect your opinion of her, though, should it?
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Dakota Johnson

Google results for "Why do people hate Dakota Johnson": 5.43 million

I was like you once, flippantly scoffing at the very notion of Dakota Johnson. "Nepotism!" I would insist, completely forgetting her great work on the woefully short-lived Ben & Kate. Then, I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. I have to say, she managed to add depth to a pretty empty character. She even out-acted Jamie Dornan, whose work in The Fall has made me a fan for life. Sorry, Jamie, but it just had to be said. Anyway, Dakota Johnson: I'm on board.
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Google results for "Why do people hate Pitbull": 1.72 million

Okay, you can feel free to hate his music and the fact that it never, ever leaves your head. And, the fact that he hosted a show to ring in 2015 called Pitbull's New Year Revolution, which is such a self-congratulating pun it physically hurts. The guy behind the music, however, is an American success story who also spends millions to help fund public education. Plus, he makes remarkably concise resolutions.
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Lady Gaga

Google results for "Why do people hate Lady Gaga:" 176 million

Did you hear her at the Oscars? This Lady's got pipes for days.
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Ben Affleck

Google results for "Why do people hate Ben Affleck": 747,000

He's a talented writer, actor, and director. He's married to the charming Jennifer Garner, and they have three adorable kids. Yet, many people still can't seem to forgive Ben Affleck for being one-half of Bennifer.
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Kim Kardashian

Google results for "Why do people hate Kim Kardashian": 22.7 million

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she's kind of here to stay. It's time we all just accepted it and moved on with our lives.
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Jay Leno

Google results for "Why do people hate Jay Leno": 909,000

Okay, so maybe his humor is more geared toward your dad, and he indirectly got Conan O'Brien fired from The Tonight Show. At the end of the day, though, he's just a jovial dude who wants to collect cars. Esquire didn't need to call him "the Nickelback of comedy."
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Allison Williams

Google results for "Why do people hate Allison Williams": 5.28 million

Don't hate her for the sins of her father, or because the character she plays on Girls is kind of annoying. Allison Williams isn't Marnie Michaels, and let's be real: We all wanted to grow up to play Peter Pan one day. Hate-watch all you want, but she gets to crow, fly, and sing with Christopher Walken.
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Cameron Diaz

Google results for "Why do people hate Cameron Diaz": 1.6 million

She loves to talk about sex and pooping, two thinks most people enjoy (yeah, I said it). So, why all the irrational hate being spewed on the Internet?
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John Mayer

Google results for "Why do people hate John Mayer": 1.3 million

I debated about putting John Mayer on here, because trust me, I know ALL of the arguments for him being absolutely deserving of the vitriol he inspires in people. Nevertheless, John Mayer is completely self-aware and knows that his ego and libido get the better of him at times. He even wrote a song about it. I feel like the John Mayer we have now is largely due to the media's portrayal of him. I wonder what it would be like to get the carefree, talented guy we all got to see on John Mayer Has a TV Show back. Is that too much to ask?
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