19 Celebs You Only Think You Hate

There are some celebrities whose actions are more than deserving of ire. Many others, however, find themselves the subject of public scorn, scrutiny, and irrational hatred for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Think about it: What did Anne Hathaway ever do to deserve all the Hathahate? She is a perfectly lovely and talented person. Yes, we're here to convince you of that. 
Whether it's pure schadenfreude or completely fabricated reasoning, we urge you to reconsider any malcontent you have toward the following celebrities. You're entitled to your own opinion, of course, and maybe you've even had a personal experience with one of them that backed up any preconceived dislike.
Don't hate these famous people simply because of what tabloids would have you believe or things other people say about them, though. All we're asking is that you reconsider your grudge. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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