Is There A "Bagel Crisis" In NYC?

Why is New York City the "Big Apple"? We mean, really, how many apple trees or Grannie Smith vendor carts have you seen on the sidewalks? Is it none? Yeah, it's none. No, this is a town of carbo-tresures — pretzels, pizzas, hot dogs, and, perhaps most particularly, bagels. And yet, as the New York Post posits, we may be facing a "bagel crisis." See, the number of true, artisanal bagel joints is dropping (the departure of H&H from the UWS being a prime example), with out-of-town producers and automated "bagel machines" taking over. Granted, new gourmet sources open around town now and then, but the Post's piece really does draw a line under the endangered status of the quality, local bagel shop — a trend which we regard as an existential threat to life in NYC. So, help us out, readers, and tell us your favorite source for round, bready goodness. Note that anyone who mentions Starbucks will be exiled from the City for life. (NYP)
Photo: Via H&H Bagels

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