Now THIS Is How You Wear Subtle Statement Jewelry

Photographed by Marcus Mam.
As equal-opportunity jewelry aficionados, we've never met a chunky chain or dainty stud we didn't like. But, when it comes to crafting our everyday look, we gravitate toward the wear-anywhere ease of the latter. Just because a bauble is bitty that doesn't mean it can't have the same impact as an in-your-face accoutrement. That's why we tapped three accessories game changers for their tips on the art of making a subtle statement.
Ahead, meet Giorgia Tordini, a designer turned consultant; Brett Heyman, the creative mastermind behind cult handbag line Edie Parker; and Ramya Giangola, a retail consultant and founder of Gogoluxe. You'll find the scoop on how they max out even the most understated details with the help of Tiffany & Co.'s Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard® collection. This time, we're looking at the little picture.
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.

Giorgia Tordini, consultant and designer

As a former clothing designer for her own brands Rêve and Like My Mother as well as a handbag designer for Ash, Giorgia Tordini left her design empire in Milan last year for a more business-minded fashion career in NYC. With this kind of style savvy under her belt, you better believe she has awe-inspiring accessorizing down pat.

What led you to start your own clothing lines?
"When you work for others, you learn a lot but you have to compromise what you like for what the brand is about. I wanted to do something that was 100% mine, so the best thing was to start my own projects. Now, I still work in fashion, but I do different things, like social media, consulting, and art direction."
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
Do you have to approach designing handbags differently than designing clothing?
"When you design bags, you have to go deep into construction. I experimented with many things like the leather, materials, and hardware. When those elements are high quality, it’s heavy and gives something to the bag.”

Let's talk personal style — what's yours?
“I focus on [the extras] more compared to the outfit. I'll wear something very simple and put on a lot of accessories. I always look for very special hardware or metal."

And, how does jewelry play a role in your finishing touches?
"I love pieces with small details. I've been wearing a lot of gold lately, but I don't like to mix it with silver.”
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
What's your trick for layering these pieces without overwhelming the rest of your outfit?
“I just try to wear them in an effortless way. They’re super delicate, so these are truly my style. For me, when you wear something you really like, you don’t feel it’s too much.”
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
Brett Heyman, founder and designer of Edie Parker

Designing was never an option for Brett Heyman growing up, but that didn't stop her from following fashion and memorizing designer and model names from her mother's magazines. In fact, she worked in fashion PR but finally found her creative calling as a handbag designer specializing in evening clutches after having her first child. Thus, Edie Parker, a daughter, and Edie Parker, the brand, were born.

Your handbag designs are so unique. Where does your inspiration come from?
"I’ve been collecting vintage bags for a long time and while I was on maternity leave, I read a lot of books on midcentury style. It was just nice timing so I started researching things and thinking about it more."
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
Do you feel like your fashion background also helped prep you for a career in accessories?
“Yeah, I always loved fashion. And, before I was doing all categories in PR, I was focusing on accessories, so I was always very aware of the market. Part of the impetus for starting it was that nobody really focuses on 'evening' as a category. I thought I had good knowledge of the market and that there was room for an evening brand."

Speaking of room, evening clutches are so small. Every detail is important — what elements do you think about when designing?
"The clasp, the plate for a hinge, and the mirror [inside the bag]. Those aren't intuitive to me since I didn’t go to fashion school, so there was a lot of learning on the job."
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
What's your MO when it comes to accessorizing?
“It's how you show your personality. Accessories are where you have your moment to show the world how you’re wearing that outfit."

What about jewelry?
“I love layering, especially with fine pieces. For me, diamonds are classic. I think piling 'em on makes things feel very day-to-night and cool. I like to wear luxe jewelry with a T-shirt or a simple button-down because it makes it much less precious and safe and instead really wearable."
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
Ramya Giangola, founder and partner of Gogoluxe

Ramya Giangola gave herself a year to make it in fashion. After that she'd go back to law school and continue along the career path her Indian parents expected her to follow. But, once she landed a job at a buying office, attended business school in Paris, and started her own retail-consulting company, that whole lawyer thing was put on hold indefinitely.

So, that's quite the untraditional career path — we love it. How is Gogoluxe the modern-day buyer?
"I think of it as the 2.0 version of a buying office. We’re the eyes and ears for retailers globally. I bring U.S. and Western brands to emerging markets, like China and Hong Kong, where the customer is so hungry and so excited for new brands and products."
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
How did you develop your eye for emerging markets?
"When I finished business school and got my first job, I had an amazing mentor. She’s this impeccably stylish French woman and she just helped me refine my eye and see the world in a certain way."

We can see you have an unique approach to style. What's your personal accessories game?
"I have such an eclectic wardrobe that I can’t say it’s one thing. I try not to buy items that scream a designer’s specific season, like fashion-victim stuff. So, whatever I buy I’m definitely thinking in my head, 'Is this timeless? Am I going to wear this after this season? Is this something I’d want to pass down to my daughter?'"
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Photographed by Marcus Mam.
Your daughter's one lucky, lucky girl.
“Yeah, but watch her become a doctor, and she’ll be wearing a lab coat..."

When it comes to jewelry, what's your secret for not over doing it?
“I think balance is really key. I would never wear earrings and a necklace together. I'd wear a bracelet and a necklace but it would depend on what they are, like these Tiffany pieces. I try not to do too much at once, but it's made it so easy for women to integrate fine pieces into their wardrobe because they’re so subtle.”

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