Royal Biographer Reveals How Kate 'N' Wills First Got Together (And It's Not Like We Thought)

kate wills embedPhoto: via the Daily Mail.
Kate 'n' Wills. Wills 'n' Kate. We go way back, right? After all, it feels like we know just about everything about the royal pair—lord knows there's enough written about them. Which is why we're shocked, confused and irrationally hurt by news that the beginnings of the royal love story was not quite how we thought.
A new royal biography claims that the artist formerly known as Kate Middleton did NOT meet Prince William at St Andrews University. Katie Nicholl's book Kate: The Future Queen dispels the myth that Prince William first clapped eyes on his future wife when she wore a see-through dress for a charity fashion show at university.
"She didn't meet him at St Andrews" Nicholl said in interview with ABC News. "She met him before she got there...through some of her friends", Kate's friends told Nicholl. "The friends knew Prince William and Prince Harry".
Nicholl also suggested that the Duchess rejected a place offered to her at Edinburgh University and reapplied to St Andrews after it was announced it was where William would study."It was a big risk—applicants to St Andrews had shot up by nearly 50 percent when the Palace announced that Prince William was going there," Nicholl wrote in her book.
So what have we learnt from this news? Two things: that life is not quite how we thought, which makes us feel like we're living in the Truman Show—and that snagging a prince takes a little more groundwork than parading around in a transparent dress. Two crucial life lessons, we think you'll agree.

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