18 Pieces Of Jewelry That Won't Turn Your Skin Green

We all know the horror — you remove your new favorite necklace/ring/bracelet/pair of earrings, only to discover that your skin is now as green as Lady Liberty herself. And that new piece of jewelry? It went from A-list to sh*t list real fast.

Obviously, it's no news that our skin can react poorly to cheap metal, turning our lovely necks and ears an awkward (though totally harmless) teal tint. But a lesser-known fact is that even fancy, expensive jewelry isn't always exempt from this oxidization; too many times has my solid yellow-gold ring left blue markings on my nose during cold and flu season. Though it may seem like you're damned if you do or don't, the reality is there are tons of pieces that will make you look next-level, no strings green attached. Our tip: Look for non-metal chokers, white-gold necklaces, and stainless steel hoops, as they're the least likely materials to turn you all Kermit the Frog.

While we want to go green in nearly every other capacity (love you, Mother Earth), our jewelry is the exception. Click on for 18 picks that won't turn on you.

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