The Best Sites For Non-Cheesy Holiday Cards

Once upon a time, a little version of you may have graced your family’s holiday card. Now you’re the one creating your own season’s greetings — and you need a site that will help you do it, whatever your goal or aesthetic. Maybe you want to express your holiday cheer with snaps of you and your friends over the year’s best occasions and accompany it with some witty holiday truism. Maybe you’re more the bleak, Instagram snowscape type. Or, maybe you like expensive, letterpress cards with tasteful typography. Whatever your visual, you want to reach out to loved ones with good wishes for the new year.
Fortunately, creating a just-right-for-you card no longer involves hours spent trolling the bargain table at Barnes & Noble or sitting at home during Scandal reruns, licking stamps and addressing envelopes. These nine sites put the most modern, efficient spin on the process, including Instagram compatibility, purchase rewards you’ll actually use, eco-friendly considerations, and clever ready-for-repurposing ideas that range from ornaments to gift tags.

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