11 Non-Basic Going Out Looks To Copy This Weekend

When it comes to glitter, too much is never enough. And while the sparkly stuff used to be stashed away for special occasions (like the holidays), we say that you should wear it whenever and wherever TF you want.
With a slew of shimmering shadows, luminescent lipsticks, and gobs of glitter eyeliner flooding shelves, there's no limit to the cool creations you can whip up at your vanity (and then share on all of your social media profiles). But if your well of inspiration is starting to run dry or you just need to gaze at makeup looks that glint and glimmer, the tutorials ahead are sure to keep you occupied.
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Start with your basic smoky eye, then layer on a few of your favorite shimmery shadows and finally a chunky glitter. (You didn't think we were gonna skimp on the stuff, did you?)
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Upside-down liner is one of our favorite beauty trends for fall, and looks even better in glitter form.
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Tape is one of the handiest beauty tools to have on hand, especially when glitter’s involved. It not only helps to keep eyeliner crisp and sharp, but you can also use it to pick up any fallout without disturbing the rest of your look.
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From your lips to your cheeks to your eyes, gloss is in. But if that subtle sheen isn’t enough for you, top it off with a chunky glitter to really make sure all eyes are on you.
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Black lipstick makes a statement on its own, but it doesn’t have to look goth if you don’t want it to. Patting on finely milled glitter instantly turns it up a few notches.
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Brows not bold enough for you? You don’t have to completely cover them in glitter to ensure they stand out. A clear brow gel or mascara and a few well-placed pieces of star-shaped glitter can create the same effect with way less mess.
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You asked for extra. You got it.
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It seems like everyone is faking their freckles these days, so why not do it with glitter?
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Now is the right time to remind you to use an eye primer or lash glue before any of these looks. Glitter is cute. Eye infections are not.
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Who needs undereye concealer when you’ve got glitter?
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Got an hour to spare? Use a pair of tweezers and a little lash glue to place each sequin on individually. Maximum effort yields maximum results.
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