Got It From My Mama: How A Fashion Blogger's Mother Inspired Her Signature Look

When it comes to building confidence and a savvy approach to personal style, it’s never too early to get a head start. Case in point: Geri Hirsch, the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Because I’m Addicted, who credits the women in her family with instilling her love of fashion. Growing up, Hirsch was inspired by her grandmother’s passion for jewelry and watched her mom create knockout outfits. Now, the 34-year-old, who was an early blogging sensation after launching her site in 2005, is excited to bring the sartorial wisdom she shares with her thousands of Insta followers a little closer to home. Namely, to her 3-month-old daughter, Leo Gem. Though it might be a little too early for fashion lessons, the single most important thing Hirsch hopes to teach her daughter is a sense of self-confidence. In fact, she’s set on leading by example.
“After giving birth,” says Hirsch of her current style metamorphosis, “I found myself with curves and wanted to explore how to dress this new body.” The opportunity allowed her to create a capsule of effortless, utilitarian pieces. Whether she’s running errands or chilling at home in the Hollywood Hills, her go-to look is usually a pair of custom-made jeans paired with an easy, eye-catching top. For her accessories, she’s past the big and chunky phase and these days opts for timeless items that can go with anything, like the jewelry seen here from Swarovski. No matter the outfit, she finds herself gravitating towards delicate, summer-ready necklaces, bracelets, and rings — pieces that she can see her daughter one day styling in her own unique way. More on that and Geri's trademark look, just ahead.
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How would you sum up your approach to fashion?
"My personal style is tailored but comfortable. It’s continually evolving as the trends evolve — I definitely follow trends but I also stick to a lot of the classics."

You recently became a mom. How has that influenced what you reach for in your closet?
"I’m exclusively breastfeeding, which presents a lot of challenges when getting dressed. New moms tell you tons of stories, but somehow nobody really mentions that. Figuring it out in the beginning was a bit tricky. I spent a lot of time in my pajamas. Now I wear a lot of vintage jeans. You definitely need pockets as a new mom. And then I pair them with easy-access tank tops, button-ups, and dresses. A lot of my wardrobe is on hold, but I’m figuring it out and it’s actually been a fun challenge. Having a restricted wardrobe has made getting dressed simpler because it’s become more utilitarian."
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Any other new tips on feeling pulled together in those early months of motherhood?
"One of the things that I did for myself that made it a lot easier to get dressed is have a pair of custom jeans made to really fit my body, which is very different than my pre-baby body. My hips expanded, so I don’t fit into any of my old jeans. I wanted to still feel like my old self, and these really helped with that. I just add a cool top and some fun accessories. Your body doesn’t bounce back overnight, so I don’t think it makes sense to sit around for six or seven months feeling not great about your clothes. And all of a sudden I’m curvy, so I want to make the most of that and embrace it. Plus, I couldn’t stand one more day in my maternity clothes."

What are you hoping to pass on to your daughter when it comes to fashion and style?
"The biggest thing that I want to instill in my daughter is that it’s not about the clothing. It’s about having confidence. If you’re really confident, it doesn’t matter what you put on. Of course, I want her to have fun with clothing and accessories, but first and foremost I want to build up her confidence so she doesn’t feel she needs to put on the latest trends or a sexy dress to feel good about herself."
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Where does your sense of confidence come from?
"There’s a Japanese word, Kaizen, which basically means continual self-improvement. And that’s a philosophy that I subscribe to. I don’t wait until I have an event to start working out, eating healthier, or taking care of my skin. I believe in constantly investing in taking good care of yourself because it’ll make you feel as good as you possible can. My grandmother-in-law always says, 'If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live?'"

Your grandmother had a big influence on you as you were growing up. What kind of woman was she?
"She was a comedian and the life of the party; she had a great spirit. My parents were divorced, so I didn’t have those memories of watching my mom getting ready on a Saturday night, putting on perfume to go out with my dad. But I did have that experience with my grandparents. I would visit them in Cleveland or Boca Raton every summer and see my grandmother getting all dolled up. She was really into taking care of the way she looked and an advocate for getting dressed properly. She would never, ever leave the house in sweatpants. I think that definitely was passed down to me."
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Did she have any specific getting-ready rituals that stand out in your memory?
"She absolutely loved accessories. She had a huge cabinet of all sorts of necklaces and bracelets and earrings. And they were always the final touch when she was getting ready. Every time I would go and visit, she’d give me a piece of hers. Some were cool and funky, and some were more fancy. Her first name, Gladys, was a G like mine. She wore a pinky diamond G ring every day, and for my 30th birthday, she passed that down to me. We always had a connection through our mutual love for accessories and jewelry."

What about your mom? How did she influence your style?
"All of the trends that are big right now are ones that I remember my mom looking very fashionable in when I was younger. She wore great high-waisted jeans, flowy blouses, and cool boots and belts. And she passed a lot of those pieces — which are still in really great condition — down to me. She had a very cool vibe."
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On that note, what accessories are you into these days?
"I definitely go through phases. Lately I’ve been really into wearing sentimental pieces. I had quite a few things made with my daughter’s name on them. The Swarovski pieces that I’m wearing here are great because they feel like family heirlooms that were passed down. The evil eye bracelet is something you can wear every single day. You can layer it and never take it off. And the same thing with the dainty ring. Classic pieces can really be paired with anything."

You were early to the blogging game and became very successful. What advice would you give someone hoping to start a fashion or lifestyle blog in 2018?
"When I started in 2005, I remember I was given a lip gloss, and I honestly felt that I had won the lottery! I couldn’t believe that someone had sent me a free lip gloss. Going from girls having little blogs that meant you had to type in URLs every day to now consuming that content on Instagram has been a huge evolution. Now there is an entire new economy based on Instagram, which I think is so rad. The challenge is how hard it is to be heard because the barrier to entry is so low. If you were to start today, I would say to focus on Instagram and YouTube. But whatever you do, if it’s genuine and you have a clear, strong message, anything is possible."

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