Last Chance! Break Out Your Furry Pieces One Last Time

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
Feel that? It's you not freezing. Forgot your coat inside when you stepped out to pick up lunch? No big. Don't want to put on your tights this morning? You don't have to. We're finally experiencing that magical sort of weather that makes it okay for you to wear pants or a skirt, sweaters or a T-shirt, without shvitzing or shivering. So, while it might seem crazy to put on more, this will be the last time to get some mileage out of your winter gear, so break out that fuzzy stuff while you can. Depending on your stance on fur, it's time to fit in one more outfit that makes use of your faux-fur vest or vintage hand-me-down topper — we're all about getting the most mileage out of our clothes as we can.

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