11 Punny Mugs That Make Weekday Mornings A Little Bit Better

Office coffee mugs are like toothbrushes: personal, customized to our specific needs, and, in my opinion, not at all sharable. Just as I wouldn't stand for an apartment guest polishing their pearly whites with my Oral-B medium bristle, I also wouldn't stand for a random coworker sipping java from my "I love you so mochi" mug.
So what better way to keep the caffeinated cup-stealers at bay than with some over-the-top "Pizza Is Bae" branding? Because if you happen to be an intense coffee (and/or tea) drinker who is also a huge foodie, utilizing the food-pun tactic will guarantee that no one ever "accidentally borrows" your Snoop Hotdog mug again.
Without further ado, we've corralled 11 fire food pun vessels for you to stake your coffee claim. (We'll save the toothbrush stealing dilemma for another story).

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