The Most Amazing (& Cheap) Lipstick, Ever

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When you wear lipstick all day, every day, it's almost impossible to not be a snob. (Lipstick fiends, back me up here.) You become loyal to your favorite shade and consistency — not just any old drugstore tube will do. Plus, if you're going to ingest about seven pounds of lip chalk through your lifetime (or so the studies say), then you want it to be the most classy chalk out there, no?
Over the years, I've used a lot of brands, including Chanel, MAC, and NARS. I know my favorites like they're my best friends. Some shades are good for the day, others night. But, despite being a snob about my tried-and-true loves, I do cheat once in a while and try a new brand. There is always the possibility that an even more perfect tube exists. And recently, I found one in the least likely of places ever: Forever21.
I know, a company known for trendy, falls-apart-in-a-day, fast fashion. How could they possibly create the perfect matte lipstick? It beats me, but they really did. A total cheap-thrill buy at $3.80, its creamy, no-sheen, and divine red-meets-orange formula has me hooked — and I've been wearing it every day. Not chalky like a lot of matte varieties, it actually only needs one reapplication throughout the day and is a cinch to apply without a lip pencil.
Then there's the packaging — they nailed it. Most cheap lipsticks are pretty shameless about what they are with see through tops and giant lettering. But, this baby has a sleek golden tube with a tiny "Forever21" stamped on the side and a clear bottom so you can see the shade. Is it Tom Ford? Is it Forever21? So sneaky, and I love it.
And, if you still need further proof of its holy perfection, F21's site just sold out of my favorite shade. Run, yes, run, to the cheap mecca nearest you.
Forever21 Matte Lipstick, $3.80, available at Forever21.

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