13 Filson Classics That Even The Least Outdoorsy Person Will Love

Sometime in 2008, we asked ourselves: Was it just us, or was that dude a few feet down the subway platform dressed like the Brawny Man? Soon, no hipster enclave was complete without a gaggle of men and women in watch caps and work boots that had never seen a factory floor. The heritage thing was here to stay.
Kidding aside, our favorite thing about the trend is that it puts classic American brands like Filson in the spotlight. The Seattle-based brand is the real thing — it has been making outdoor gear since 1897, and it actually sells bright-orange safety vests and chaps for your fly-fishing pleasure.
Even if your hobbies don't include standing around in lakes at 6 a.m., click on to see 13 classic field bags and cozy, shearling-collar coats that pack plenty of rugged style. And we do mean rugged — Filson guarantees each piece for a lifetime. Try to get that from your average pair of high-street cargo pants.
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Filson Wool Field Bag, $175, available at Filson.
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Filson Women's Packer Coat, $425, available at Filson.
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Filson Original Briefcase, $225, available at Filson.
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Filson Leather Field Satchel, $798, available at Filson.
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Filson Wheeled Carry-On Bag, $535, available at Filson.
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Filson Small Wool Field Bag, $175, available at Filson.
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Filson Medium Field Bag, $225, available at Filson.
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Filson Women's Moleskin Quilted Jacket, $275, available at Filson.
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Filson Levi's Tote Bag, $328, available at Filson.
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Filson Tin Cloth Backpack, $238, available at Filson.
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Filson Wool Duffle Bag, $,270 available at Filson.
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Filson Small Duffle Bag, $235, available at Filson.
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Filson Padded Computer Bag, $325, available at Filson.

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