Ultra-Luxe Makeup Brushes You Can Actually Afford

As someone who considers her daily beauty routine fairly low-maintenance, I once considered makeup brushes to be too fussy. I'd typically just use my fingers to apply my products, and then use the same old Beautyblender to buff to perfection. But as I started experimenting more with bronzers, blushes, and highlighters in powder formulations, I begrudgingly realized that a brush — or six — may not be a bad addition to my routine. The only issue? I wanted the holy grail of beauty tools: gorgeous-feeling brushes that wouldn't break the bank. Enter: Zoeva, a German brand with an owner who is hell-bent on providing brushes that women actually want to use and can actually afford. The company started in 2008, when Zoe Boikou was searching around for brushes that fit her lifestyle and budget. When she couldn't find any, she did what any sane human being would do; she made her own. The result was a range of brushes with incredibly soft bristles — and prices that start as low as (wait for it) $8.50. Zoeva has two types of brushes: its original, natural bristles, plus a range of vegan brushes made from synthetics. But what I love most about the brand is the ease of use: Every single handle has the brush's name and purpose printed on it, so you never have to guess what the brush you're using is meant for. You can buy each tool à la carte, but the real steals come when you pick up a set. I opted for the Classic one, which includes eight full-size face and eye brushes, along with a black leather carrying case. The grand total for this set is $70, which means you're getting each brush for less than $10. What could be better than that? The good news is that, if new brushes are on your holiday wish list, you don't have to wait until December; you can gift them to yourself. The bad news? You may start hoarding these angel-soft brushes. Lucky for you, your bank account won't show it. Who says you can't have it all? Zoeva Classic Brush Set, $70, available at Zoeva.

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