Zoë Kravitz Loves Duane Reade, The Satorialist’s TV Show Is A Go, And SATC Goes To Abu Dhabi

This dude proposed to his girlfriend with an iPad. He looks exactly as you're picturing him. (Tech Crunch)
Tip jars are taking over NYC with crazy pleas for your cash. Our favorite: "Tipping isn't a city in China." (Gothamist)
One former New York Times reporter is choosing to be homeless. (Gawker)
Zoë Kravitz buys her makeup at Duane Reade. Oh and she also idolizes Carrie Bradshaw. (Styleist)
The Satorialist's TV show with girlfriend Garance Doré is happening.The question is, what will it be about? (New York)
The new SATC 2 Trailer has the posse going to Abu Dhabi. Sounds like there was a serious case of writer's block. Seriously Meh. (Nitrolicious)