How To Decorate Based On Your Sign: The Home Zodiac Guide

Unlike fashion, home decor isn't really about trends. Regardless of whether your pad is a 400-square-foot studio or a sprawling ranch, it's a sanctuary — your safe and comfortable retreat from the big, bad world. And, when it comes to decking it out, you can't follow anyone else's vision.
But, that doesn't exactly mean you know what coffee table to buy or what color scheme to choose for your bedding. It's tricky to make it all work. So, we turned to the oh-so-insightful Astro Twins for the real deal on how to decorate in line with your sign. Because, you know what you like; it just needs to be reinforced. Ahead, we found three pieces for each sign, to get your space refreshed and totally Zen for the holidays. But, no pressure to conform: An Aries can love a hippie-dippy shower curtain just as much as her more typically bohemian Pisces pals. Still, we hope you'll feel validated enough to embrace your obsession with red, or at least take full license to splurge on that weird banana-shaped bowl that speaks to your inner quirks.