Your March Horoscope, Revealed

Fasten your asteroid belts, stargazers: March is going to be one intense month. Yep, it's going to roar like a lion as fierce Mars tours fiery Aries until the 31st. This'll make us all quite passionate and even kinda pushy about bringing our big ideas to life. Venus will soften Mars' edge until the 17th, when they travel side-by-side through Aries. Hello, Eros! Their combined powers will cause a pandemic of spring fever. Don’t start picking out china patterns and baby names quite yet, though. We'll be restless romantics for much of March, and many matches will be temporary (but plenty hot).
The spirit of competition is in the air — and revolution, too! A seventh clash between controlling Pluto and radical Uranus lasts from the 11th until the 29th. This is the final Pluto-Uranus showdown until 2046 — a big deal, since they’ve been shaking up the world as we know it since 2012. To wit, the last Pluto and Uranus square-off started in late November 2014, during the police-brutality protests. We may see big developments around social justice, government policy, and even the balance of power within corporate and financial structures — keep refreshing that newsfeed! The first eclipse of 2015 goes down on March 20. This one is a solar (new-moon) eclipse in dreamy, ethereal Pisces, bringing major creative energy and revelations. A deck of angel cards would be a handy accessory to stock in your envelope clutch. Draw one when life just gets too surreal to figure out.

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