Is It Okay To Blame Your Ex’s Sign For The Breakup?

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Every sign (and person, for that matter) deals with breakups differently, but even the most reserved among us likes to vent. Maybe you complain about your ex's taste in music or their seeming inability to remember important dates. But, for the students of astrology among us, the temptation to trash-talk their sign is all too real. And let's face it: It feels really good.
In the wake of a major split, you probably aren't in the mood to rehash the gritty details of your relationship — you'd rather paint in broad strokes and claim that you were always in the right. For the record: This is not the healthiest way to cope with a breakup — stewing on the past won't help you let go. But that doesn't mean it's pointless to dwell on your ex's Zodiac sign for a moment. In fact, it just might give you the nudge you need to seek further closure.
Start by thinking about your relationships with others who share your ex's sign. We're willing to bet that you've gotten along fine, or have even really liked, at least some of them. For all the shade you might want to throw at your Gemini ex, you can't hide from the likely fact that people you still care about — like your mom or your middle school best friend — are Gems, too. Also, keep in mind that how someone expresses their sign's traits can vary immensely from person to person.
If you consider yourself a slightly more advanced student of astrology, a post-mortem synastry reading may be helpful. By comparing your birth chart with your ex's, you may find that your Venus or Mars placements weren't particularly compatible all along. Or, maybe you'll find that your moon sign was the same as their Venus sign, which, in some cases, can make for a good relationship (though it may lack the spark that many crave). Whatever your discoveries may be, unfortunately there is no single placement or aspect that states your ex was a jerk and you were an angel.
In other words, delving into your astrological background — and how it did or did not mesh with your partner's — will not simplify your post-breakup venting. If anything, it'll just give you a dozen more theories as to why you weren't compatible in the long term.
As easy as it is to say that things ended because "all Geminis are monsters," after gaining a better understanding of your ex's sign and chart, you probably won't believe that anymore. We lean on astrology to give us clarity, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the stars will only add greater nuance — they never give us a straight answer.

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