How Every Zodiac Sign Handles A Breakup

We all have our ways of dealing with a breakup, and — aside from, say, cooking an ex's beloved pet or torching everything they own — any coping strategy can be fair game. Maybe you're a wallower, with an arsenal of rom-coms at the ready. Or, you might be someone who takes a clean break in stride. Whatever your "breakup recovery" style may be, you just might have your astrological sign to thank for it.
Considering how much influence our signs wield over our tempers, emotions, and romantic preferences, it's only fair to assume they can affect how we deal with being newly single, too. Like we said before, everyone comes at a breakup from a different angle, but, if you find yourself in the aftermath of breakup and aren't sure what you can do to heal, your sign just might have your answer.
Ahead, learn more about your sign would have you weather a split.

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