How Every Zodiac Sign Handles A Breakup

We all have our ways of dealing with a breakup, and — aside from, say, cooking an ex's beloved pet or torching everything they own — any coping strategy can be fair game. Maybe you're a wallower, with an arsenal of rom-coms at the ready. Or, you might be someone who takes a clean break in stride. Whatever your "breakup recovery" style may be, you just might have your astrological sign to thank for it.
Considering how much influence our signs wield over our tempers, emotions, and romantic preferences, it's only fair to assume they can affect how we deal with being newly single, too. Like we said before, everyone comes at a breakup from a different angle, but, if you find yourself in the aftermath of breakup and aren't sure what you can do to heal, your sign just might have your answer.
Ahead, learn more about your sign would have you weather a split.
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How you deal: You get ahead of the narrative.

Or, to put it bluntly, you don't shut up about it. Your logic is that, if you're constantly bringing up the breakup and discussing it in great detail, your side of the story will automatically become the dominant narrative, leaving your ex looking like the bad guy. Vent all you want, but bear in mind that you don't always have to win.
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How you deal: Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

Tearjerker movies? Check. Comfort food? Check. Plenty of tissues? Please, you've been stocking up. The Taurean approach to riding out a breakup is simple: wallow until you get bored. Your sign has a romantic streak a mile wide, so a lost love is absolutely something to mourn — even if your recovery period doesn't last longer than an afternoon.
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How you deal: Find a new "thing."

You're not someone who just got dumped, Gemini. You're a scuba diver, crocheter, or topiary artist. Flighty air sign that you are, you'd rather not linger but find something new to think about — and for everyone else to talk about. Gems aren't ones to dig too deep into their feelings and some have a tendency to be distracted easily. Add those up and you have a newly single Gemini with a budding coin collection, or a lot of spur-of-the-moment dates suddenly on the books.
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How you deal: By reconnecting with your friends.

Excuse the pun, but Cancers are most likely to come out of their shells in the wake of a breakup. That means hosting movie nights, calling up old friends, and even staying out into the wee hours (which is almost unheard of among homebody Crabs). Long associated with the domestic sphere and family, Cancers in need of healing will also benefit from a call home.
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How you deal: By going scorched earth.

Gone on are the anniversary instas and the mushy journal entries. It's quite possible something's been burned. Once you break up with a passionate Leo, they will not hesitate to tell you they're better off without you — or any trace or memory of you, for that matter.
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How you deal: By strategically rebounding.

In school, Virgos were masters of the revision — there's no job they can't do better the second time around — so why should their approach to dating be any different? Your practical ruling element, earth, won't permit you to fling yourself into the arms of just anyone, but someone who fits your type and just might get under your ex's skin? Mother Nature will allow it.
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How you deal: By undergoing Extreme Makeover: Libra Edition.

You're no stranger to the breakup cut, Libra. You enjoy changing up your look regardless of your relationship status, you only go full chameleon with your appearance in the wake of a momentous personal life shift. Whether it's a haircut, tattoo, or brand new wardrobe, you signal your single-hood from the outside first.
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How you deal: Wait, what breakup?

Don't cry out loud: the Scorpio motto. What's done is done and, private sign that you are, you'd rather not dwell on it. Scorps find it unseemly to air their personal matters in front of others, so, if someone asks you for details, they'll have to jog your memory first.
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How you deal: By staying friends.

Sure, you might spend some time apart at first (it was a breakup, after all), but most amiable Sags will find their way back into their ex's orbit soon enough. Unlike fellow fire signs Aries and Leo, your temper has little to no input in your decisions. So, after your initial cool-down, you're probably fine with running into your ex or even hanging out as pals.
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How you deal: Embark on a self-improvement tour.

When something goes awry, ever-responsible Caps will be the first ones to step up and take the blame. No matter how things ended with you and your ex, rest assured, you will find something to feel at fault for that you can then address and declare "fixed." Take it easy on yourself, dear Goat, and be thoughtful about addressing your approach to love.
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How you deal: Create.

Whether it's a series of personal essays or an Instagram account of moody black-and-white pics, something's bound to come out of an Aquarian breakup. It's no secret you relish creative projects, but, in moments of personal upheaval, you can find solace in a job well done, too.
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How you deal: By going off the grid.

You're not wallowing or taking an intensive pottery class, Pisces — you're just, well, gone. With enough time and space, you can console yourself better than any other sign in the Zodiac. Your MIA period may be spent in the comfort of your own home, but it's just as likely that a rare case of wanderlust will hit you, leading you to embark on an Eat Pray Love style journey.

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