Nirvana in Hollywood: See What Happened At Our Rooftop Zen Mini Yoga Retreat

We're gonna be honest here — when we sent out the word that we'd be hosting a day-long mini yoga retreat at Hollywood's Siren Studios, we were a teensy-weensy bit concerned that you R29 Angelenos would be too busy to show up. We shouldn't have been. Over 200 of you wonderful, flexible beauties joined us at our Rooftop Zen event last Friday to banish the June gloom with a day of high-quality Hatha, organic nibbles, freebies, and facial massages. Ladies and — believe it or not — gentlemen, from ages 18 to 70, rolled from downward dog to utkatasana while sipping on hydrating and refreshing resource Natural Spring Water, then joined LA editor Brenna Egan and editorial director Christene Barberich out on the deck for a super-healthful lunch, mini-facial massages from Shiseido specialists, hair braiding, and "Get Bent" totes filled with covetable Shiseido gifts, and a bit of enlightened gabbing. It was one of our most successful events ever, and certainly the most serene.
Come on into virasana and click through for a slideshow recap of the day's highlights.
Photographed by Erin Yamagata